Cordel Sideral

A Brazilian space fantasy series

What will the future be like if, contrary to what so many works of fiction out there show, our Galaxy is populated by an underrated tropical country called Brazil?


What is Cordel Sideral?

Cordel's premise is simple: what would happen if Outer Space were settled by Brazil and not by “first world” nations? We answer that question by telling space fantasy stories full of action, mystery, exciting technology, magic (yes, magic!) and lots of good humor. You can read them in our book series or experience them in original interactive stories!

Cordel Sideral - O Pescador de Memórias


The First Season

Space courier Nina Azarova is hired to deliver a smuggled cordel to a powerful planetary governor. After reading it, the man inexplicably kills himself. His death sends the Solar System into its 64th Civil War, a conflict that will claim many lives and seal the fate of humankind—and Nina's.

Fiction about people real people

We tell the story of a rich and diverse people. A people who turned their difficulties into prayers and those prayers into seeds of hope. A people whose name comes from the woods, whose color shines like a rainbow, and whose voice sounds like a song. With their skilled hands, they conquered the bright future their past denied them—and that changed humankind forever.

Read and live the stories

You can travel through Cordel's universe in the most different ways: via physical books, e-books, illustrations, and games, for example. We are constantly looking for (or inventing) new ways to bring our universe to different audiences, exploring narrative formats that allow us to create increasingly captivating, fun, and unforgettable stories.

Join our community

Travelers from our universe gather on Cordel's Discord to chat about stories, meet new people, take on RPG adventures, and help us to build our fictional universe, which is constantly expanding. Come and join us too!


“There is beauty waiting for us out there. We just need to know where to look.”


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